I offer group classes in studios and if required give temporary group fitness classes in different studios in Munich. Feel the team spirit! Yoga brings people together and inspires an atmosphere of team spirit, self-discipline and motivation. Through a regular practice, you will build a mindful and strong foundation for your future yoga experience and life.

What is good for me? – Our own self care is a matter truly dear to our heart in yoga. To take responsibility for ourselves and  for our life. Not to block, but to open up and to allow that certain things will come to the surface – to accept


yogaś citta-vṛtti-nirodhaḥ ||1.2||

In yoga, the mind steadily quietens. Yoga manages not only to bring down the nervous system, but then also to gain new perspectives.


I provide yoga or Pilates classes at your Munich office or studio run by your company.

The goal of my corporate fitness offer is to increase the amount of physical activity that your employees get – especially in times when it is difficult for them to find the time to exercise.

This practice is open to everybody, also beginners are welcome. One or two sessions of 30-45 minutes a week can have a great effect:

  • Improve the physical and emotional health of your employees
  • Decrease health care costs
  • Reduce stress and improve employees’ concentration
  • Enhanced working atmosphere, productivity and team building
  • Better quality of life-work balance


These regular sessions are aimed at you if who want to expand your understanding of yoga and deepen your practice. Please find current yoga workshop information under NEWS. Topics can be following:

“Sthira Sukham Asanam” – Posture (asana) [should be] stable (sthira) and comfortable (sukha). Most commonly used postures will be explored in depth, looking at modifications and alignment so you can build a strong foundation for your future practice and feel confident.

Hip Mobilisation“ – The stresses of our daily lives can often lead to tight and reduced range of motion in our hips. In this workshop we will work on stabilizing and increasing mobility in all of the movements of the hips.

Chakra Balancing Workshop“ – Deep within the sushumna (subtle central channel), through which prana (life force) flows, lie spinning centers of energy, called chakras. In this workshop, we will explore the deep relationship between yoga asanas (or postures) and the chakras.


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